The Day of Surgery

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that is big enough to accommodate any bandages you may have after your procedure. Wear comfortable shoes such as slip-ons, not high heels. Do not wear any jewelry (including body piercings), makeup, or cologne.

Bring your Driver’s License, Insurance Cards, Pre-registration Paperwork, and Procedure Payment with you.

Wearing contact lenses is not advised. Please wear your glasses, as you may have forms to review and sign.

We do provide containers for removable dentures & bridgework.

You will need to change into a surgical gown. Only cotton underwear can be worn.

Female patients will need to give a pre-operative urine sample for a pregnancy test.

Unless your physician told you to bring crutches, they are necessary as you will be taken to your car in a wheelchair.

Please limit the number of family or friends who come with you as seating is limited.