Before Your Surgery

A nurse from the center will contact you at least 24 hours before your scheduled procedure. If you have not been contacted, please call us at (402) 691-1575.

Please notify your surgeon if there is a change in your physical condition, such as a cold, fever, or respiratory problems.

Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours before your procedure – this includes water, gum, or candy. If your child is the patient, please be careful to enforce this. Please follow any other instructions your surgeon may have given to you.

Please be sure to tell your surgeon and a nurse at our center if you are taking any type of blood thinners. Please do not take any medications after midnight unless instructed by your surgeon, a nurse at our center, or your primary care doctor.

For your safety, failure to follow these instructions may result in the cancellation of your procedure.

If you are driving more than 30 minutes, put 1-2 pillows in your car so you can elevate the operative extremity.